Vape stores, vaporizer review sites, vaporizer manufacturers, vapor blends, and essential aromatherapy oils; all new terms for the vaporizer industry of which a newcomer may not yet be familiar.  Fundamentally, a newcomer needs to familiarize them with the technology itself before exploring the blossoming vaporizer market. 

Vaporizers provide an alternative to combustion for inhalation.  Instead of employing man’s oldest discovery, fire, to heat your blends and essential aromatherapy oils, creating harmful by-products, use the modern methodology of creating steam and vapor to inhale.  Using a vaporizer as a heating mechanism for both blends and essential aromatherapy oils proves to be a healthier alternative to classic smoking styles.  Vaporizers themselves are mobile, efficient, and stealthy depending on your needs allowing you more freedom than the average smoker.

Vaporizers are predicated in basic science.  Vaporizers convert your blends and essential aromatherapy oils from a solid or liquid state into a gaseous state which you can inhale.  There are two basic methods for heating your inhalation materials: convection and conduction.  Conduction is applying your blend or oils directly to a heating surface.  The direct application of heat will generate the vapors and trigger the active ingredients. 

Convection is pulling hot air through or over your blend or oils in order to create the aromas and trigger the active ingredients.  These techniques are an alternative to combustion, using fire to activate your blends or oils, as they apply heat more evenly and at a cooler temperature.  Evenly applied heat and cooler temperatures have a number of effects on your aromas.  Different temperatures will activate and release active ingredients in different proportions.  Combustion techniques often times will simply burn through the active ingredients you desire while triggering carcinogenic properties.

There are multiple controlling variables when it comes to your vaporizer and vapors.  Your results can vary based on temperature, blend density, content weight, chamber material, storage time, and inhalation technique.  With vaporizers, your temperatures will tend to begin cool and release aromas to be inhaled.  Over time, the heat will increase and the temperature will rise.  This will trigger the active ingredients in your blend replacing the aroma with the by-products of the active ingredients.  Of course, the density of your blend will affect the proportions being released for inhalation.  A particularly dense blend will have a much more powerful effect in terms of its primary active ingredients.  The weight of your content, particularly as it pertains to essential aromatherapy oils, will also affect the number of active ingredients triggered to release aromas. 

To a particularly discerning individual, the composition of the extraction chamber can create variances in taste and aroma.  Compare it to the storage of wine or liquors; the cask that they are stored in can create drastic variance in taste and flavor.  In addition, wine and liquors are often associated with a particular shape and material for the glass from which they are drunk.  The same is true for your extraction chamber.  Choosing whether to have a metal, plastic, or glass extraction chamber in your vaporizer can create different results for inhalation.  Continuing with our wine and liquor analogy, the amount of time your blend remains in storage can affect the proportions of its active ingredients and its flavor.  A shelved blend that remains in storage for an extended duration will have alternative tastes and flavors, sometimes more intense sometimes less intense, when their vapor is inhaled.  Finally, your technique for inhalation will have directly impact your experience with vaporizers. 

Technique is highly personal, and should be explored over time.  The individual differences are as broad as any other personal preference among people.  Whether you prefer long pulls or short ones, the depth you inhale, and how long you hold the vapor in are all personal choices to keep in mind with relation to your blends and oils.  One of the greatest benefits of using vaporizers is that the even heat distribution and the cooler temperature allow you preserve your blends.  Blends that have already been vaped (ABV) can potentially be reused or recycled for other purposes.  Combustion techniques produce only ash and cinder while ABV materials can be removed and reused.

Vaporizers can activate and release vapors that are essential to health and aromatherapy.  Volatile plant materials in liquid state are called essential oils.  Essential oils have long been thought to have medicinal properties, and some in fact do.  Typically, aromas and vapors are applied to individuals using a variety of techniques: aerial diffusion, topical application, and direct inhalation. 

Vaporizers primarily facilitate the third of the techniques; direct inhalation.  Essential aromatherapy oils can be loaded into vaporizers like your blends to be heated where their active ingredients can take on a gaseous state; vapor.  Direct inhalation is used to for a number of maladies.  Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) can be treated using the direct inhalation of vapors to help salve the entire respiratory system.  During allergy seasons, aromatherapy oils can be used to help particularly stopped-up individuals with decongestion.  Expectoration complications are also treated by direct inhalation and vapors. 

Finally, in rare scenarios, psychological effects can be induced by inhalation to aid those suffering from maladies affecting their cognitive processes.  Aromatherapy has been a branch of healing practiced for hundreds of years.  Vaporizers facilitate the most direct application of aromatherapy; direct inhalation.  For an individual practicing and utilizing aroma therapy techniques, a vaporizer can be an invaluable possession.

Vaporizer technology offers more than just a convenient device for inhalation.  Vaporizers produce vapor in a manner that is far more healthy, efficient, and discreet than usual combustion methods.  Vaporizers can are for triggering the active ingredients in blends and essential aromatherapy oils for inhalation.  Advanced vaporizers allow you to control every part of the extraction process to maximize your vapor experience.  Using combustion for your blends and oils is akin to taking a jack hammer to surgery, vaporizers are the precise and effective scalpel approach.  Whether you are trying to generate vapor from your blends or aromatherapy oils, vaporizer technology is the modern and healthy approach for you.

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