Raz DC25000

When the Raz DC25000 vape arrived, the sleek packaging hinted at the promising experience inside. Known for its ergonomic design and robust features, the Raz 25000 disposable vape promises a high-quality vaping experience, combining impressive capacity with user-friendly enhancements.

Design and Build

Immediately noticeable is the vape’s sleek, pocket-friendly design which feels right at home in your hand. Its integrated 650mAh battery, which is rechargeable via a USB Type-C port, suggests fewer worries about sudden power loss. The LED indicators are a practical touch, providing real-time updates on e-liquid levels and battery life. Additionally, features like Turbo Boost and an advanced coil system with temperature control signify that this isn’t just any disposable device—it’s engineered for satisfaction and performance.

Performance and Experience

Testing the first puff, the Raz 25000 lives up to its promise of delivering up to 25,000 puffs, thanks to its generous 16mL pre-filled tank and a nicotine strength of 5% (50MG). This setup is perfect for extended usage without the hassle of frequent refills or charges.

Raz dc25000

Flavor Profiles

The Raz DC25000 comes in a diverse palette of flavors, each crafted to cater to different preferences. Here’s a closer look at what each flavor offers:

  • Bangin’ Sour Berries: A vibrant mix of berries with a sour twist that tickles your taste buds.
  • Blueberry Watermelon: A sweet and refreshing blend of ripe watermelons and juicy blueberries.
  • Blue Razz Ice: A cool and tangy blue raspberry flavor finished with a dash of ice.
  • Cherry Strapple: A delightful fusion of cherries and apples, with a subtle tartness.
  • Georgia Peach: Experience the sweet, full-bodied flavor of freshly picked peaches.
  • Iced Blue Dragon: An exotic blend of dragon fruit with a chilling icy finish.
  • Miami Mint: A crisp and cooling mint that refreshes with every puff.
  • Night Crawler: A mysterious, dark berry mix that’s both sweet and seductive.
  • Raspberry Limeade: The sharp zest of limeade mellowed by the sweetness of raspberries.
  • Sour Apple Watermelon: A dual punch of sour apple and sweet watermelon.
  • Sour Watermelon Peach: A lip-puckering version of watermelon and peach.
  • Strawberry Burst: A burst of sweet, ripe strawberries in every puff.
  • Strawberry Orange Tang: A citrusy, sweet blend of orange and strawberry.
  • Watermelon Ice: A cool, refreshing take on a summery watermelon flavor.
  • Wintergreen: A bright, bold wintergreen flavor that’s both sharp and refreshing.

Each flavor is distinctly formulated, ensuring that every inhalation is packed with pure, intense flavor. Whether you prefer fruity, icy, or minty notes, the Raz DC25000 has an option to satisfy your taste.


The Raz DC25000 disposable vape is an exemplary device in the market, marked by its high capacity, convenience, and a wide range of flavor options. The ergonomic design paired with practical features like the USB-C charging and LED indicators make it a top choice for both new and experienced vapers seeking quality and longevity in a disposable form. For those looking to enjoy vaping without the fuss of maintenance, the Raz 25000 vape is a standout choice. Whether you’re relaxing at home or on the go, this vape is designed to be a reliable companion.