When you are in the mood for some “terpy” and flavorful Delta-8 vape, then you know that the e-juice you should be going for is the live resin concentrates. However, the best blends are hard to find, and depending on the blend you take, your experience can either be unforgettable or thoroughly insignificant. Cake’s Sleeper Blend disposable vape is a one-of-a-kind vape with one-of-a-kind blends to make your vaping experience memorable.

Features And Specifications

  • Made from hemp
  • Contains Delta-8, Delta-10, THC-P, THC-O, and Terpenes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 1.5 ML capacity
  • The delta-9 concentration is as low as 0.3%

Design And Build Quality

Cake bar vapes have been known for their quality and high-class performance. The Sleeper Blend Disposable doesn’t fail to impress.

Like all disposable vapes, this device offers a one-time or quick-use option for vapers or a good starting point for someone who is not yet sure about committing to the luscious lifestyle of vaping. It is portable, simple, and economical—but that is where the similarities with other disposable vapes stop. Unlike other regular disposable vaporizers whose price is reflected in their quality, Cake’s disposable offers premium quality.

The portable device sports a classic style that makes it appealing to the eye. It makes use of ergonomic designs, especially the magnet-detachable mouthpiece so that it fits naturally in your palm and sits comfortably between your lips. It doesn’t make use of buttons, as it begins to work as soon as the mouthpiece is attached and you take a puff.

Its high-performance integrated battery keeps your liquid churning and the vapors coming. An LED screen, characteristic of cake bar vape devices, can be used to monitor the battery, and in case you run out of power, simply plug it in and charge it up.

When it comes to capacity, this disposable vape packs a voluminous 1.5 grams that is filled up with an intricate blend of live resins. This effective blend makes use of Delta 8, 10, THC-O, and THC-P. The terpene component is well preserved, giving the overall flavor that uncanny weed taste that all vapers love.

Flavor Review

  • Melon Express: The Melon Express is perfect when you need to ease up for the day. The indica strain’s relaxing effect is enhanced by its intense fruity berry and melon sweetness.
  • Sex on the Beach: This is one Sativa strain that sends exhilaration coursing through your body and down your spine with every puff. As it is a cross between Paradise Island and HSB, this special strain has a delightful pineapple and mango flavor that you will thoroughly enjoy.
  • Mimosa: Mimosa’s hybrid effect lifts your spirit and restores your energy. This effect is so strong that it leaves you feeling really happy. That is no surprise as it’s a cross of two powerful strains: Purple Punch and Clementine. This euphoric feeling can be enjoyed with each puff, along with the aromatic fruity berry flavor and sour citrus.
  • Pineapple Sherbet: This hybrid has a strong relaxing effect that leaves your body with an enthralling sluggishness—almost making you feel sleepy. Its cross of Pineapple Kush and Cherry Pie is responsible for this, as well as the savory citrus and berry flavors this strain offers.
  • Apple Pie: Unlike some of the other cake strains that provide you with energy or rejuvenate you, Apple Pie hits differently. Taking a puff of this would shoot some zest directly into your bloodstream, making you super active and energetic. It is a cross of the Acapulco Gold and Nepalese strains and is said to taste like apples, blue cheese, and apricots.
  • Mango Crack: This hybrid’s strain boasts a flavor that is so refreshing you simply can’t get enough. Enjoy the zesty, earthy mix with sweet hints while being rejuvenated and made alert by the strain’s effect.
  • Bear Claw: For a full-body esoteric experience, this would be the best option. It leaves you with an immensely blissful feeling while you enjoy the sweet vanilla cake aroma.
  • Strawberry Cream: This Sativa combines the euphoric and relaxing feeling of Strawberry Cough with the body and head sensations of the White strain to give you a surreal experience.
  • Ghost of Jack: Cross Jack Flash and Afghan Ghost OG, and you get this heavy hitter, the Ghost of Jack. On your first puff, you are greeted with a strong, sweetened aroma. You will enjoy the exhilarating high that this

About Manufacturer

Cake makes high-quality goods using hemp-derived cannabinoids. There are many fantastic things to discover, ranging from Delta 8 disposables to Delta 10 cartridges to a myriad of strain-specific terpenes, and Cake is at the forefront of it all.

Pricing and Availability

Cake is a very popular device, so you would find its products hosted in many online retail stores. However, for the best deals and really fast delivery, Superstrain is your go-to.