Vapor Brothers HF Coffee



The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is made from heavy duty ceramic box style that guarantees vape users for a long lasting vaporizer. The hands-free vaporizer will make you relax and enjoy without waiting for it to reach its optimum temperature.


  • Multi functions.
  • Ground glass whip.
  • Hands-free connection.
  • Capability to heats up fast.
  • Heavy duty ceramic box style.
  • New pure mineral ceramic heating element.

Basic Features

  1. It has a new pure mineral ceramic heating element.
  2. The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer has the capability to heats up fast.
  3. The hands-free vaporizer contains a ground glass whip for a true hands-free connection

How it works

The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer works perfectly with herbal ingredients and essential oils. The hands-free vaporizer works quietly as it doesn’t generate any fan noise. The vaporizer gently warms the oil until it is diffused into the air.

Tips on how to use it

To use the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Inhale through the tube of the hands-free vaporizer and the air will be quickly drawn into the heating chamber into the herbs.
  2. A warm flow of air will saturate the herbs and will later on heat them.
  3. If you want to adjust the temperature control of the hands-free vaporizer, just check its dial.

Why is it preferred?

Vape users chose the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer because of it multi functions. The hands-free vaporizer is very convenient to use since you can easily adjust its temperature to your preference.

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Luis Brown

6 years ago

I just purchased a Vapor Brothers HF Coffee and I really enjoy it. I love that it doesn't look like a vaporizer. Its strong, its worth the money. Do yourself a favor and get one.

John Malic

6 years ago

I have owned this product since July 2014 (2 years now) and I am really happy with it. I haven't had any issues at all.. Plus, the aroma bulb is really nice to be used with the essential oils. Also, the Vapor Warehouse staff have been really kind and quick in replying back to any questions and sending the items asap! That is much appreciated very much indeed :)

Sara Doe

6 years ago

The toughest thing for me was to spend that chunk of money. Once I got a Vapor Brothers HF Coffee, I never looked back. I love this thing. How its built, to its style to its functionality. I really enjoy my new and firstly owned vape. I had some hotness with the mouth piece but soon realized the oven wasnt full enough, that issue is resolved. Also, sometimes it will turn colors while in use. Not sure if it affects the pull. Havent noticed its shutting off because it thinks its in lock mode. That is what I have read. Overall, a solid purchase.

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