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What makes Atmos Raw Vaporizer superior to its contemporaries?

What exactly makes vaporizer, a vaporizer? Well, for those unfamiliar to the process, vaporization is the changing of a particular matter, say cannabis, into vapor by the process of heating said matter into a vapor. Atmos Raw Vaporizer is popular for its capability to vaporize and heat herbs. While majority of pen vaporizer brands boost of themselves as the top master for vaporizing liquid juices and concentrates, Atmos Raw has always been miles away in practicality of its heating the herbs and allowing the users the purest essence of herbs even when your away from your home.

The discreetness, portability, manufacturing quality, vapor quality and temperature settings all make Atmos Raw Vaporizer a must have.

I was a big fan of the Magic Flight Box and the Pax Ploom until I met the Atmos Raw Vaporizer. The Apple-style packaging is also very impressive. This thing is simply genius and novel.

The heating chamber is relatively small (as it’s portable), you will be awestruck with the quality this minute vaporizer pen can produce-it’s truly clean taste. Don’t mistake Atmos Raw as a petty deal, because certainly it’s a giant in the wild world of pen vaporizer. Atmos Raw Vaporizer has some spectacular features like its windproof and has a great heating time. The battery life is great as it keeps on going.

Encased in a rubber cover that comes in 5 different colors (black, grey and blue, green and purple) the Atmos Raw is composed of seven parts that fit with one another to make the most unique and reliable lightweight 5-inch electronic “blunt” out there.


The Atmos Raw Vaporizer is made up of:

·         Metal spring

·         Mesh filter

·         A self contained battery

·         Rubber mouthpiece

·         Ceramic heating chamber

·         Ceramic Filter

·         Ceramic connector

The Atmos Raw looks like something out of Ethan Hunt’s spy kit.

The battery can be charged via USB or electric adapter. This is the first time I’ve seen this feature on a vaporizer. But I have to admit that I’m not convinced as whether this is a really vaporizing product. Why, you ask?

Can Atmos Raw Vaporizer be called a ‘True Vaporizer?

Well, let’s first consider the heating mechanism and heating chamber on the Atmos Raw. Compared to other appropriately named vaporizers the heating chamber is separated from the herbal material by a mesh filter. This means that the herbal material is actually heated to vaporization, instead of being burned in the heat chamber, because the herbal material is never touching the heating coil itself.

The mesh filter separates the herbal material from the heating coil. Although the Atmos Raw Vaporizer does come with a removable mesh filter, I’m not exactly sure how to fit it into the heating chamber so that the material never touches the heating coil, and actually gets vaped.

A Con that disturbs!

The heating coil just doesn’t reach a high enough temperature to heat the herbal material when it’s in the mesh filter, and there’s simply no way to tell how far the bottom of the filter is from the heating coil.

If the makers of the Atmos Raw can figure a way to either make a better mesh filter, or a hotter heating coil, this would, by far, be one of the top performers in the vaporizer universe. But, in the meantime, this seems to be a major flaw, and the makers of the Atmos Raw need to do an upgrade on this unit before they can truly call it a vaporizer.

It’s one of the best electronic smoking “cigarettes”. It smokes like a charm. But that’s just it. It smokes like a charm only!

Holding the power button down for less than 2 seconds allows the heating coil to heat up faster than any other electronic smoker I’ve ever seen. Oh and about the power button, it is a very tiny black button so when we were showing it around in Amsterdam and letting people try it out, they were having a bit of trouble finding it. So that was a complaint we got a lot.


On the other hand as soon as our willing test subjects tried it out, their biggest response was-where do I get this thing?

The Atmos Raw is listed at a very justifiable price and has a 3-year parts replacement warranty which is something very tempting about the product.

If you want all the positive health benefits of a vaporizer then the Atmos Raw is bit of a pain to get working like a real vaporizer, with the mesh and all. But, maybe that’s just me.

It delivers full, thick justifying smoke. And, if you’re not particular about whether you’re smoking or vaping, and you’re looking for a discreet, reliable, compact and battery-operated pen-shaped challis that makes you look like a rock star ready to sign autographs from your Porsche, then the Atmos Raw is most definitely for you.

June 1, 2017 44.95 Free Visit Store Website

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer is the most popular vaporizer and truly deserves to be crowned as the most slinky vaporizer pen of the market. But, does it really deserve to be on the top amidst the huge plethora of vaporizers that have bombarded the vaporizing community?

Being the smallest ever pen vaporizer it is incredibly compact, classy and discreet made from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel. Marketed as a vaporizer, the new Atmos Raw Vaporizer is an amazingly compact, and intelligently designed battery-operated new smoking device. The classy pen-style design and rapid heating technology make it one, if not the best looking pen vaporizer, I’ve ever seen. Atmos Raw Vaporizer is for consumers who fantasize to vape in concealment and style.


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