Pineapple is a popular flavor in the vaping market. There are many e-liquids with pineapple flavor, but not all of them have the same quality. Pineapple by Caktus Vape is one of the best pineapple e-liquids on the market. This vape juice has a rich pineapple flavor. It tastes just like the real thing. This is a mouthwatering e-juice. The flavor doesn’t get old. This e-liquid does not have a perfume-like flavor. Instead, the flavor is very organic. The taste does not change when you increase the wattage. Pineapple tastes very much like fresh pineapple juice. This e-liquid is ideal for the summer season. Pineapple is an all day vape. It will fill your mouth with an exciting flavor.

The tropical flavor of this vape juice remains consistent on the inhale and exhale. Pineapple has a fresh juicy vibe. Every puff is refreshing. The flavor in this e-liquid is nice and robust. It does not get overwhelming on the taste buds. Although this e-juice contains only pineapple flavor, you will not get tired of it. The simplicity of the flavor of this vape juice is part of what makes it special.

Pineapple by Caktus Vape is made with high-grade ingredients including vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) as well as nicotine. Caktus Vape sells its e-liquids with varying nicotine levels and VG/PG ratios. The VG/PG ratio you select is linked with the nicotine level. The versions of with the Pineapple 0mg and 3mg of nicotine have a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. The version of Pineapple with the 12mg of nicotine is a blend of 50vg/50pg.

Pineapple by Caktus Vape does not stain coils. You can vape this e-liquid for a long time before you will need to change your coils or clean your wicking material. This e-liquid will give you enormous clouds of vapor with every puff. You will be surrounded by thick, swirling clouds after only a few puffs.

Pineapple has a smooth throat hit that makes vaping it a fun experience. You will not be left with a throat irritation from vaping this e-liquid. The smooth throat hit complements its fruity taste.

Pineapple by Caktus Vape has an elegant packaging design. This vape juice comes with different bottle sizes; 30ml, 60ml, 90ml, and 120ml. There is a yellow and black label on the bottle with the Caktus Vape logo, the name of this e-liquid, and other relevant information.

Pineapple is available for sale by most online and physical vape shops. You can also buy it directly from the Caktus Vape official online store. You can get a 30ml bottle of Pineapple by Caktus Vape from for $18.95. Caktus Vape is one of the biggest vape shops in Australia and New Zealand. Apart from e-liquids, you can also buy vaping devices and accessories from this store. This vape store provides excellent customer service and fast shipping. Caktus Vape offers fast shipping for all orders within Australia that amount to $120.

If you buy a bottle of Pineapple and the taste does not live up to your expectations, give the e-liquid one or two weeks to steep.

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