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Vaping has been elevated to a totally new level, and it seems that everyone wants a piece of the pie. Vapor shops and vape lounges have sprung up overnight with one on just about every corner. The selection of supplies and vaporizer oils is overwhelming G Pen Essential Oil Vaporizers, Dab Vaporizers, Wax Vaporizers, Oil Vaporizer Pens, Hash Oil Vaporizers. The list seems endless.

Oil Vaporizers-How They Work

What are Oil Vaporizers and what kinds of oils should you use? First, these products are not intended to be used with nicotine-based products. Most are specially designed to heat essential oils only, and others can handle wax and oil concentrates. By heating up the herbal material, essential oil or medicinal marijuana, the vaporizer causes the active ingredient to boil, creating a vapor that is inhaled, providing the same effect of smoking with fewer harmful effects and a healthier option to smoking.

Until recently, only flower based herbs were used in vaporizers. The known benefits of vaporization vs. smoking made use of these products very popular. Now that proper research has been conducted and the product itself has evolved, researchers have been able to produce it in the concentrated form of either wax or oil. This has opened a whole new world of vaporization products that utilize oil, wax, and flower based, or all three!

Make your Own

With the popularity of e-cigarettes exploding, people have become curious as to whether they could make a cannabis-infused e-liquid. Based on several sites, the simple answer is yes. If buying your vaporizer oil is too costly, the internet offers over 537K sites on how to make your own- claiming the process is simple. You can make your own weed oil, hash oil or wax that is compatible with your vaporizer.

What are essential oils?

One of the key elements of essential oils is the fact that they are made from natural aromatic compounds found in flowers, seeds, stems, barks and flowers; it is  the volatile aroma compounds from the plant, that when heated, are vaporized. Many sites offer sampler packs to get you started in taste testing and discovering which ones appeal to you. To ensure you will have a great experience, be sure to purchase your products and oils from a reputable dealer. Your whole experience can go awry if you are not selective in your purchasing, receiving inferior product that will not satisfy or please you.

Vaping Shops

By visiting some of the vaping shops in your area, you will have the opportunity to see a wide selection, talk to people about their choices in products, as be able to test drive some of the products before you settle on any one style or flavor. The selection is of a personal nature; only you know what you like, how strong you like the flavors and what your comfort zone is with these products.  The most important aspect of making these selections is having fun, experimenting, relaxing and enjoying.

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