What is a vaporizer?

Vaporizer is a device that heats up certain substance/matter onto a high temperature (around 188° C) causing that way active ingredients to melt into a fume (vapor) you then inhale. This way of consumption of medically active chemical substances-inhaling them- is definitely the safest one. Extract concentrator causes thermal separation of useful substances in the extract solution, often under a vacuum. Thin and very turbulent layer of extract solution separates within heated device on solution and useful substances in the maximum amount. Produced vapor again drops into the condenser and within extracting process it can be reused again as a regenerated dissolvent.

Simply put, active ingredients will get released thanks to certain high (and constant) temperature as a fume you will then inhale through a tube/pipe. As within this process there is no actual burning of anything, there are barely any negative by-products. Fume is actually much cooler than smoke but more effective than smoke which means that in the end you are using less material (oil or herb).

Vaporizer components

People have used for ages herbs for healing, primarily burning them because that was a sure way to get active ingredients from various herbal mixtures. However, through time, people have discovered that burning is not the only way to get those active substances: same goal can be achieved by evaporation, keeping herbs almost intact, and protecting our health from negative side-effects of burning process; it is known fact that when you burn herbs, besides active substances you also get tar, ash, carbon-monoxide and carbon-dioxide, as well as many other gases and elements that can increase possibility of getting cancer.

Some of vaporizers state that they can be used only with glycerin. This doesnt affect your choice of matter you will use-herb or oil but simply that your vaporizer uses dissolvent, most often propylene glycol or glycerin that has a function to act as an element that will attract water to dissolve your substance of choice into a vapor during heating. What will turn substance into vapor is an atomizer. In some vaporizers atomizer is integrated element within metal base or tank made of plastic or glass-in this case atomizer is usually called cartomizer.

Vaporizers use two heating processes to create vapors: conduction and convection. In the case of convection, oil or herb will not come in contact with atomizer, but it will be placed on so-called polyfill matter, heated by the air, that will create vapors with active substances. Vaporizers using convection usually come with a cartridge.

In conduction vaporizers, oil or herb will be put on a metal that will be heated and this heating will cause releasing of active substances. These vaporizers usually contain wick (made of silicon material) and a metal coil (made of aluminium, nickel or steel), often placed within a smaller bowl (usually made of ceramic) that is located within a tank or a chamber. These vaporizers will create smoke if you burn them dry, so you might find it useful to first saturate wick with an extract first. You can fill the tank with extract and let it drip inside. If you use denser matters (such as wax, dry herbs etc.), lid on the tank should be kept open.

Because the majority of vaporizers use same basic unit (often battery operated), they are not just very similar visually, but also use almost same elements and charger batteries. This means that very often when you get one vaporizer, you will be able to use it for oil and herbal vaporizing.

It is a relief to know that majority of vaporizers on the market have been FDA tested and approved for use, so you should have no health risk using one or other. However, in order to be sure that you are doing everything right, you should first read instructions carefully and make sure that battery is completely charged so that it stays alive longer.

Vaporizers for Herb and Oils (in general) contain:

Lithium Battery that can be recharged
Heating Chamber made of ceramic
Attachment for oil vaporizing-optional
Connector for Chamber
Rubber Mouthpiece
Adapter for wall
Cable for charging
Cleaning Brush

Vaporizer in the Market
Atmos Raw vaporizer is easy to use and produces very clean and fresh taste, no matter if you are using oil or herbs. It is great to use because you can switch from herbs to oils without need to change tanks, and this definitely ads to its versatility and simple usage.

ThermoVape vaporizer is versatile in a sense that it has numerous different elements that allow you to vapor both herbs and oils-but in different combination of elements and kits, that can be rather confusing/demanding for often use. Positive side of this vast majority is the fact that at the end all of the optional elements are used on the same body/battery.

The Encore Vaporizer is also for use with oil and herbs. It is stated that it will reach optimum operating temperature (for vapor creating) within just 10 seconds. It is easy to use because you dont have to switch between different kits for oils and herbs-you can use it all on the one same device, simply by adding oil attachment and you can enjoy in popular oil vapors, such as orange, clover, berries, ginger, etc.

Zema Pro from Got Vape has also got some great reviews thanks to the possibility you can use it both for the oil and herb vaporizing. It comes with different chambers for oil, herbs and e-liquid, but each one of them are easily attached to the solid metal body. It is compact vaporizer (just 4 inches tall) that makes it easy to carry around and use with either of possible elements (oils, herbs, e-liquid). It even makes a stylish little accessory!

Which vaporizer to choose?

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that you can use vaporizer for burning oils or for burning herbs, and that this will affect your choice of vaporizer. However, final conclusion to be made is that majority of manufacturers these days make their vaporizers to be multifunctional: you can use them both for oils and herbs, with just a simple chamber switch. We have mentioned few quality options to investigate before making your final choice.

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