We can all agree that dry and burnt hits are bad? So it’s high time that we start talking about it, and find ways to prevent it.

A dry hit is one of the worst things a vaper can experience. It can be a put-off. Usually, dry hits occur because there is not enough e-juice to soak up your wicking material. At the point when a coil is new, the taste is great, but sooner or later, the coil will get old. Thankfully, you can easily remedy this by changing your coil or cleaning it.

So when do you change your coil?

If you start to get a burnt taste when vaping, it is likely that the coil is old and should be changed. It is not normal to get a burnt cotton taste when vaping. This can take a toll on your throat. To resolve this issue, just replace your old, burnt out coil with a new one. Replacing the coil will get your device back to its normal condition.

Preparing your coil

You need to prime your coil to avoid getting a dry hit. When you fix in a new coil, it takes time for the wick to soak your e-juice. If you take before the wick has been properly saturated, you are likely to get a dry hit. Priming your coil reduces your likelihood of getting a dry hit. You can prime your coil by simply putting a few drops of e-liquid on the wick. Also, after filling your tank, let your device sit for about 5 to 30 minutes before vaping. This is particularly important if you are vaping with MAX VG e-liquids. This will not only help to prevent dry hits but also give your coil a longer shelf-life.

When you are vaping, start at a low wattage, and slowly move up to a higher level if you want. Starting at a low wattage allows your coil to warm up and heat evenly. Also, ensure that you don’t surpass the wattage that your coil head is made for. This wattage is usually imprinted on the coil head or in the user manual.

How to find the right wattage?

If you keep getting a burnt taste while vaping, turn down the wattage. The higher the ohms are of your coil, the lower the wattage you have to use. If you vape at a wattage that is too high, you run the risk of damaging the coil. There is no rule for choosing the right wattage to vape. The only thing to remember is to keep within the wattage range of the device. Most vapers have what is called a “sweet spot” for their coils. The sweet spot is the perfect wattage level that gives you great flavor and good vapor production. You need to experiment to find the sweet spot for your coil, once you do your vaping experience will never be the same.

A device that supports temperature control can help to avoid getting dry hits. Using TC mode, you can set the correct temperature.

If you know someone who has been having trouble with dry hits, then share this piece with them and let them know about these best ways to deal with it.

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