Mint Nic Salt is a fantastic Mint e-liquid from MiNiMAL a renowned e-vape brand in France. You may be compromised to believe that this e-liquid has a sweet Minty combination based on the name, you are right to believe so. Mint Nic Salt is a flavorful blend of mints.  Unless you’ve tried this e-liquid before, you’ve almost certainly never tasted anything like it before. The flavor is out of this world. This is without a doubt one of the greatest Mint e-liquids ever created. This is an e-liquid for everyone who enjoys mint. Try this MiNiMAL e-liquid if you like minty e-liquids or want something to surprise and excite your taste receptors.

Where Can I Purchase?

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Flavor Description

Mint Nic Salt has a minty flavor. It has a Peppermint flavor that is natural. Is the mix artificial or does it have a candy flavor? Just pure minty taste.  This e-liquid has a moderate level of sweetness. It has a slight tanginess to it as well. The only thing you can smell when you open this e-liquid is mint. The sweet Minty flavor will blow your taste buds away when you take a hit of this e-liquid. The chilly and minty flavor linger in the background, giving this e-liquid a strong chilling sensation. The icy chill of the menthol flavor can be tasted on the exhale.

Mint Nic Salt is one of four e-liquid flavors offered by MiNiMAL, a French company. Mille Feuilles, Fruity Medley, and Tarte are the company’s other e-liquid blends.

The way the e-various liquid’s flavors blend together is nearly wonderful. This is a flavor that is well-balanced. It’s obvious that the producers who made it knew exactly what they were doing. Mint Nic Salt is unquestionably something that can be vaped the whole day, every day, until the bottle is completely drained.

Nicotine Composition

The ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG) in MiNiMAL’s Mint Nic Salt is 50/50. It is not suitable for both sub ohm vaping and dripping. This e-liquid produces a fair amount of vapor. You will like vaping it if you have a love for clouds.

There are no distinct nicotine levels in Mint Nic Salt. This e-liquid only contains 20mg of nicotine, making it suitable for the majority of vapers. Considering that it contains 20mg of nicotine, the throat hit of this e-liquid is rather mild. The chilly menthol flavor lingers in the back of the smoker’s throat. Overall, Mint Nic Salt is a pleasant throat sensation. This is one of the reasons why vaping this e-liquid is so enjoyable.


MiNiMAL’s Mint Nic Salt comes in a glass bottle with a child-resistant dropper lid. The bottle has a blue and white label with a wonderfully created graphic on it. Although the bottle is black, the e-liquid inside is visible. This e-liquid has a dark amber color, indicating that it has been pre-steeped and is ready to vape.

About MiNiMAL

MiNiMAL is a brand of unique e-liquids that contain nicotine in the form of salts providing an experience that is similar to that of tobacco cigarettes but with less of a hit when inhaled. MiNiMAL e-liquids are aimed at vapers who want to remain discreet while using e-cigarettes… made for true minimalists. Formulated in 50/50 and designed for small space-saving equipment.