As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And of course, nothing beats a good kick starter like some buttery toast smothered in apple jam. Nom! So yeah, whether this breakfast is served or not, Jam Monster Apple Jam eJuice has got you covered in vape form. So is this vape juice really good with your coffee? Or is it just good on paper? Let us find out in my review below.

“Apple Jam E-Liquid by Jam Monster Liquids is a freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with mouth-watering apple jam and a hint of cinnamon.”

Apple Jam seems to be the most polarizing flavor from its lineup. Some people loved it so much, while others just do not share the same sentiment. A few find its apple butter flavor nice, but others described is as an earthy taste instead. The house is really divided when it comes to this vape juice.

Personally, I love this flavor, although I have to acknowledge that taste is subjective. I like the unique kind of apple infused into this juice; it is natural and sweet. This has some unique and interesting notes that make it stand out among other apple-based vape juices that I have tried.

On the inhale, the delightful flavor of apple jam leads the way. Again, it tastes so fresh I can literally mistake this for a very sweet apple fruit. The interesting part starts mid-way when bold notes of buttered toasts start to reveal themselves. And then, just before the vapor finds its way out, a slight twist of cinnamon appears making this is an absolute breakfast to love. You are really going to enjoy this flavor! And to answer my question earlier, yes this suits well with a cup of coffee or tea to start your day.

In terms of packaging, Apple Jam vape juice comes in a 100-mL gorilla bottle. It comes with an artistically designed cardboard box that looks pretty awesome. The base part of the bottle has a cartoon-ish monster creeping. If I am not mistaken, I guess this is the jam monster.

Seriously though, I guess the company’s efforts on this detail will pay off as honestly speaking, the product presentation is a total head turner. The box and the label wrapped around the bottle display all the necessary product information needed. It includes the brand name, flavor name, nicotine strength, size, PG/VG ratio, and the usual warnings.

But your astonishment will not end there as Jam Monster has some surprises inside the box. Should I spoil you now? Hmmm… okay. Each box of a 100-mL bottle actually contains a bag of Cotton Bacon cotton bits. Perhaps this is the company’s subtle way of expressing thanks or it can just be a clue suggesting to its consumers to vape using an RDA. Whichever really.

Apple Jam by Jam Monster is a blend of 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol. It has a nice and smooth vapor that runs pleasantly on the throat. The clouds look nice, huge, and fluffy, and they tend to linger in the air for a few good seconds. Enjoy the heavenly smell of buttered toast with apple jam, although the scent of the latter is more prominent.

Vaping this in sub-ohm tanks or RDAs is highly recommended as the ejuice consistency is quite thick. But don’t worry, even though this is sweet, your coils and atomizers are pretty safe. I had no gunking up issues. Meanwhile, Jam Monster Apple Jam ejuice comes in three nicotine strength options. It’s available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. I tried the 6 mg level and the nicotine kick is pleasantly mild and tolerable. But what’s important is you can enjoy full-bodied taste.

Snatch some cheap vape juice deals and get this 100-ml bottle of Jam Monster Apple Jam for as low as $12.99 only. Here’s another surprise: use the promo code “DEALJAM” at checkout to receive an extra special price. Overall, if other people are all fickle-minded about this, I am sticking to my opinion that this is truly delicious. Its flavor is incomparable and has unique components present only in this blend. Until our next vaping sesh!


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