Brand reputation and ability to deliver consistent quality are some of the top factors to consider when selecting the ideal disposable vape. Hyde disposables have constantly proven to be of excellent quality in producing vapes and vape accessories. The Hyde rebel recharge disposables vape is a top-tier device that delivers outstanding performance and great flavors. 

This device is made in a gorgeous, ergonomic design that assumes a cylindrical shape with a shallow mouthpiece to avoid messy leaks and spillage. Hyde rebel recharge is a rechargeable device, meaning you get to enjoy the vape until the e-juice runs out. This device combines performance and unique qualities to deliver a magical experience. Below is a highlight of everything you need to know about this Hyde vape. 


Anti-slide grip

Losses associated with sliding of devices are one of the most inconveniencing things to come across in any product. The Hyde rebel vape has an excellent outer coat made in textured patterns that increase your grip on the device, preventing it from sliding and falling off. 

This is the most impressive technology in the whole Hyde disposables collection. The device is made from top-grade material that can withstand everyday falls and impacts.


Depending on your vaping frequency, the device battery may run out of charge in a day or so. Hyde rebel recharge disposable takes this into consideration of this scenario. It has implemented the presence of a recharging port found at the bottom of the device to make your experience worth the while. However, the micro USB cable is not included in the package. You will have to purchase the USB separately.

Firing mechanism

Hyde rebel recharge disposable vape is a convenience-based device that ensures you enjoy your experience without much hassle. To ensure this, the device uses the draw-activated firing mechanism to fire up the device, meaning you only need to pull in the first draw for the device to power on as compared to other devices with button pressers as the firing mechanism.

Integrated battery

Battery capacity is one of the most attractive features of any disposable vape that keeps customers glued to a product regardless of all other features. The battery capacity is directly proportional to the longevity of vaping sessions, with the largest battery capacity yielding prolonged vaping sessions. 

Hyde rebel recharge disposable is fitted with a 600mAh battery capacity considered significant enough to support 4500 puffs after 2 or 3 recharges. 

Flavor options

Hyde rebel recharge has the most fantastic flavor output with perfectly crafted fruity tastes blended to make tantalizing flavors. These flavors include pina colada, strawberries, and cream, aloe grape, sour apple ice, raspberry watermelon, blue razz ice, spearmint, lush ice, banana ice, strawberry banana, peach mango watermelon, lemon crumble, tropical gummy, energize, cola ice, strawberry kiwi, power and summer LUV.


Hyde rebel recharge disposable is the best Hyde disposable, with the highest number of puffs in the collection. Once you taste this vape, you will switch from your previous favorite and jump right into this Hyde rebel without second thoughts. The device has impressive features, which explains why it is one of the most sought-after vapes on the market.

Where to buy the Hyde Rebel recharge disposable vape

You can purchase the Hyde Rebel from the West Coast Vape Supply vape website. WCVS is the top vape store in the United States. The company partners with leading brands, such as Hyde, Pachamama, Elf Bar, 7 Daze, Kang Vape, Smok, Vapetasia, Naked 100, Flum Float, and Fire Float to provide vapers with a vast collection of e-juices, vapes, and vape accessories. The Hyde Rebel recharge disposable vape goes for $13.99. 

By Rose