So many people who buy a Personal Vaporiser(PV) will use it like they smoked a cigarette, but this is an incorrect way to draw on your PV.

Learning how to draw and inhale with a PV the right way will make it more enjoyable, not to mention taste better.

When taking a toot on your PV you should take long, slow drags.

Here is the process.

  • Press the button for about 1-2 seconds before you start to suck
  • Without letting go of the button, draw on your PV slowly, it should last at least 5 seconds long
  • Let go of the button and keep drawing for another 1-2 seconds, this will help prime the atomiser for the next toot
  • Hold the vape in your mouth for another second before inhaling, this helps with nicotine absorption. A good part of the nicotine will be absorbed within the saliva because we are vaping rather than smoking.

By Matt

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