The Ascent was released in August 2013 by DaVinci. This device, which was produced by Organicix, LLC, was the second device under the DaVinci brand to hit the market after the original DaVinci vaporizer. The Ascent has stood out in the market through the years thanks to its portable, compact design and its advanced features. This vaporizer also has excellent battery life, and it is easy to use. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers. You can use it to vape dry herb, oil or wax. Whether you are a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser, this device does not disappoint. It comes with a glass-coated ceramic heating bowl and a glass pathway, which results in clean hits.

The DaVinci Ascent is not very large. It is about the size of two iPhones stacked on one another. While it is not exactly bulky, this vaporizer is heavy. At 190 grams, it weighs more than the PAX vaporizer. The device is made of aluminum plating and medical grade silicone. The glass pathway of the device is composed of two glass tubes that slide over each other. The glass mouthpiece of the device is retractable. You can pull out the glass straw if you want to share the device with others.

The glass-coated ceramic heating chamber is located at the bottom section of the device. You need to swivel it to access the heating bowl. The heating chamber is large, so you can load up a lot of herb at once. The device comes with small glass jars that you can use to vape oils and wax. You can put your oils or wax in the glass jar and fit it in the heating chamber. Thanks to this design, you can use this device to vape oils and herb at the same time without mixing them.

On the front of the Ascent, there is a small OLED screen as well as three buttons for controlling the settings of the device. The screen displays the battery of the device as well as its temperature and other settings. This DaVinci vaporizer can be fired from 0 to 221 degrees Celsius. You can choose to read the temperature of the device either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You need to be cautious when refilling this vaporizer because the heating chamber can get pretty hot. The metal grill at the bottom of the device can also get hot.

The Ascent by DaVinci heats up in about 60 seconds. The screen will display an image of a bowl after the preheating is completed so that you can start puffing. The device has a personal vape cycle feature that allows you to select three different temperature levels for the device over a specific time. You need to press the settings button three times to customize the personal vape cycles. You can choose the time duration that the device will stay at each temperature level.

The battery life of the Ascent is of remarkable features of this device. It has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. You can vape for up to 3 hours before you will need to recharge it. It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery when it is empty. This DaVinci vaporizer supports pass-through, so it is safe to vape while it is charging. The charging port is located under the device.

Cleaning the Ascent is quite simple. You can rinse the glass pathway in rubbing alcohol. The heating chamber can be cleaned with a wipe soaked in rubbing alcohol. Apart from the fact that it can get hot when you are vaping for a long time, this device does not have any major cons. You can get the Ascent for about $200 from virtually any top vape store. If you want a discount, check out the Ejuice Pack online shop where it is going for only $189.99. The DaVinci Ascent comes with a two-year warranty.

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