If tossing and turning sum up your nights, it’s time to make a change that will enable you to sleep like a baby throughout the night. CBD is a naturally-occurring compound attached to a myriad of benefits, and at the top is its ability to promote better, regular sleep patterns. 

One of the best sleep-inducing CBD products in the market is the CBD gummies for sleep by CBDfx. The product contains a blend of botanicals that complement the work of CBD, promising you a whole night of uninterrupted sleep. Here is what to expect from the CBD gummies for sleep from this renowned CBD gummies UK brand


Broad-spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the essential compounds in a hemp flower, except for THC. These compounds all work in synergy to offer you what is referred to as the ‘entourage effect.’ You get to experience heightened effects that will improve your overall health and wellness and promote better sleep patterns. 

Proprietary blend of sleep-promoting terpenes

Besides cannabinoids, other compounds like terpenes are known to support all-around wellness. In these gummies, CBDfx uses an in-house blend of sleep-promoting terpenes to supplement the work of the CBD. 

Each bottle contains 1500mg of CBD. With each serving, you get 50mg of CBD, 20mg of passionflower, 20mg of chamomile, and 20mg of Lemon balm. 

Magnesium for a restful sleep

Magnesium holds so many benefits for the human body. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, promotes heart health, combats depression, among other benefits. The element interacts with the nervous system to provide calming and relaxing effects that ease you up to fall asleep easily. 

Extracted through the C02 method

There are numerous ways to extract compounds from the hemp flower. However, most of these methods leave behind harmful traces of chemicals that affect a consumer’s health in the long run. C02 extraction is the safest and most efficient method of extraction. CBDfx is synonymous with quality. Every product it manufactures uses the best ingredients and techniques. The CBD gummies for sleep offer exactly what is promised in the packaging. 

Calming passionflower, chamomile, and lemon balm

For thousands of years, chamomile has been used as a calming and sleep-promoting agent. When combined with passionflower and CBD, the effects are intensified, offering instant and guaranteed results. 

3rd party lab report

One way to identify a legitimate CBD brand is the availability of 3rd party reports. These offer an insight into the contents of the product. They are conducted by an independent laboratory to eliminate bias. CBDfx provides these reports on all their products, including the CBD gummies for sleep. 

No hangover in the morning

The issue with prescription sleeping pills, besides the many side effects, is that they leave you with a hangover in the morning. This happens to approximately 8 out of 10 people. With the CBD gummies for sleep from CBDfx, drowsiness, lack of balance, and a foggy mind will be a thing of the past. The gummies have no hangover effect. You will wake up the following day feeling rejuvenated and eager to start the day. 

How to take CBD gummies for sleep by CBD fx

The recommended dose is 2 gummies per serving (50mg). The secret behind harnessing the benefits of CBD Is to start slow until you attain the ideal dosage. You can begin with one gummy and increase gradually. The gummies are best taken half an hour to an hour before you retire to bed. This gives your body sufficient time to digest and metabolize the gummies so that they can be available to perform their magic on your system. 

By Rose