The Blue Trainwreck is an adored marijuana hybrid strain because it has a unique flavor and energizing effect. Delta Effex spiced up their collection by utilizing the Blue Trainwreck strain in the premium Delta 8 vape pod collection. Offering a blueberry aroma and pungent earthy flavors, it is a thumbs-up option to go for when you want to combat fatigue and set your wandering mind to laser-sharp focus so you can get productive.

Flavor Description
The Blue Trainwreck is a mix of sweet and earthy notes. Before you take a hit, the aroma of blueberries fills your nostrils. You take the hit and beyond the refreshing earthy flavors that tingle your taste buds, you feel a cozy warmth that surges up from your core and out through your throat. After some minutes, you start to feel relaxed and mentally energetic. You might experience dry-mouth and crave something chilled.

VG/PG Ratio
An obvious observation you note when vaping the Blue Train Wreck Premium Delta 8 THC Pod by Delta Effex is the smoothness of each hit; you feel the flavor hit strong and smooth in your throat. This is due to the presence of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). The VG/PG ratio of the e-juice is 70/30.

THC Content
This vape pod meets the THC requirement of less than 0.3%. However, it contains Delta 8 which is known as a psychotropic cannabinoid relative. You are not advised to vape this if you are going for a drug test as traces of Delta 8 would be found in your bloodstream. You should know though that the hemp plant used in the extraction of THC and Delta 8 was of high-quality.

Packaging Description
The Blue Train Wreck Premium Delta 8 THC Pod by Delta Effex comes in a small super cute 1ml pod. The pod is disposable so you can throw it away when you are done. The pod is only compatible with the Delta Effex Premium Delta 8 Pod Starter Kit.

Brand Profile
Delta Effex is a US-based company that strives to develop high-quality, premium delta-8 products that inspire you to live your best life. They create modern, sustainable solution-oriented devices.

You can purchase the Blue Train Wreck Premium Delta 8 THC Pod by Delta Effex at for $66.99.

Delta 8 is a strong alternative to CBD and comes in a great flavor you could really fall in love with, with quick relieving relaxing effects. Just don’t take it before a drug test.