You may get a hold of the Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Vape – Lychee Ice right away to get through the sweltering weather because it is an affordable premium vaping device built for convenience, and incredible taste, and its one of the best disposable vapes online.

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What would you have to lessen the oppressive heat on hot summer days? A cup of tasty fruit ice-blend? An iced sparkling drink? Or how about some tongue-cooling mints that are fun?

You can satisfy your craving for refreshing treats with the all-in-one Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Vape – Lychee Ice, which combines the three aforementioned options (spoiler alert: it is even better).

Not sure if this juice is right for you? Let us delve a little farther to discover this absolute beauty!

Flavor Profile

There are numerous ways to describe the flavor of lychee e-juice based on one’s perception.

Some claim that it resembles grapes in some way, but lychee has a basis for fragrant roses. Its flavor has been described as fruity and sweet with a hint of acidity by some

Whatever one wants to call it, Allo Ultra 1600 Lychee Ice gives the purest taste of juicy lychee.

Tropical lychee’s strong and sweet tones would jolt your senses with a whiff of freshness as you inhaled. The initial fruity flavor gradually softens and becomes more subtle as the freshness gradually increases in your throats to get ready for the next delectable experience.

A hidden chilly blast finally emerges on the exhale, deftly mixing and counterbalancing the lychee’s sweetness.

The final hit of menthol and nicotine uses the distinctive lychee aroma to finish up and transform the vaping experience into one that is enjoyable and energizing.

Integrated mesh coil for leak resistance

The Allo Ultra Disposable Device is designed to blur the line between high-end vape hardware and disposable vaping devices and comes with an improved coil that is often found in sophisticated vaping devices.

You can have a luxurious, aromatic experience with such a powerful mesh coil without being concerned about leakage and split back.

A design for intuitive vaping with Smart Chipset

The Allo Ultra Disposable Vape has a compact, palm-fitting design, a modern chipset, and quick draw activation to simulate smoking, which is beneficial for people who have just moved from smoking to vaping.

Users can feel at ease using this newly updated technology because it prevents scorched, dry hits and usage uncertainty.

Double Performance for Vaping with no interruption

The Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Vape – Lychee Ice offers twice as many puffs, double the longevity, and retains the same amazing flavor as the Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Devices.

You can use the device longer and remain hooked on its sweetness as a result. This is a cost-effective option for people who favor long-term vaping with sweet tropical fruit flavor.

Seasonal Or Daily Vaping? The Choice Is All Yours

The Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Vape – Lychee Ice stands out above the other flavors thanks to its pleasant flavor and alluring aroma.

This Lychee Ice brings a “lush vita” that chases away summer heat and is a perfect on-the-go vaping device for daily use. It is designed to meet the needs of people who are new to vaping or long-time vapers, as long as you have a thing for lychee or are prone to vaping with an exciting icy finish.

Product Specification

  • 1000 mAH Battery Size
  • Resistance 1.5 Ohms
  • Long-Lasting Approximately 1600+ Puffs
  • 6.8ml E-Liquid
  • Over Inhale and Short Circuit Protection
  • Dimensions 19x111x19mm Portable 

Product Features

  • Draw Activation
  • Fully Charged Device
  • Five Great Tasting Flavours
  • Designed for Portability and Discreet
  • Disposable

Price and Availability

If you decide Lychee Ice is what you want to try or already know that this Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Device – Lychee Ice is tailored for your preference, drop into your local Hazetown Vapes store closest to you. You can also do your vuse order online on Hazetownvape’s online store.