A pod vape system is designed for vaping enthusiasts looking for an easy setup. These vape devices usually feature a small design and are usually meant to be disposable. Unlike other vape systems, vape pods come fitted with everything needed for a pleasant vaping experience. Pod vape systems are versatile and work with freebase e-liquids and sub-ohm coils. These devices also work with nicotine salt e-liquids and 0.8 Ohm coils, among many others. The cool thing about vape pods is that you can choose the precise vaping experience you want from the devices available. Many brands have pod vape systems on the market, so the options are endless. This post will focus on three of the best vape pod brands to try for 2022.

Vuse ePod

The Vuse ePod is a classic vape device that is designed to be easy to use. This pocket-sized device features a no-spill cartridge design and is easy to use. The Vuse ePod is easy to carry around and is ideal for discreet vaping. It can fit in your pockets and hands easily since It only weighs about 23 grams. The Vuse ePod has a sleek look and is available in different color finishes.

The Vuse ePod comes with a 350 mAh battery that is designed to be rechargeable. With this battery, you are sure to get about 195 puffs before it runs out. This Vuse ePod battery can be recharged using a USB cable.

The Vuse ePod is available with a range of vape juice flavors. These e-liquids come in 1.9ml packs and contain 50/50 percent VG and PG ratios. The Vuse ePod e-liquids also contain high-quality nicotine salt that is available in different concentration levels, including 18mg, 34mg, or 57mg. Examples of these flavors are Iced Mango, Mango, Golden Tobacco, Peach, Watermelon, Smooth Mint, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cucumber, Berry, Cool Pepper Mint, Aromatic Tobacco, Blood Orange, Lychee, Passion Fruit, Polar Mint, Smooth Tobacco, Vanilla, Rich Tobacco, Velvety Mix, River Mint, Lemon Berry, Carmelina Mix, Fresh Spearmint, Forest Mint, Morado Mix, and Spearmint among others.

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The STLTH vape pod is another classic device that offers beautiful vaping experiences. This device is easy to use, portable, and versatile. You can carry this device around; it has an ergonomic grip. The STLTH vape pod is available in different color finishes, including Rose Gold, Grey, Navy, and Black.

The STLTH vape pod comes with a 430 mAh battery that is designed to be recharged. This battery is known to last long and also charges fast.

The STLTH vape pod comes with different e-juice flavors in 2.0ml packs. These STLTH e-liquids contain nicotine salt in different strength levels, including 20mg, 35mg, or 50mg. There is something for everyone in the STLTH e-liquid collection. Examples of these e-juice flavors are Blue Raspberry, Berry Blast, Raspberry Sour Apple, Honeydew Menthol, Tobacco Blend, and many others. The STLTH vape pod is available for sale at many vape stores, but you will get the best deal at Hazetown, STLTH pods Toronto, which sells this vape pod for $14.99.

Phix Vape Pods

The Phix brand also has a superb vape pod system on the market. The Phix brand is among the top producers of high-quality e-liquids. These e-liquids specifically designed for the Phix pods. The Phix vape pod system comes with different e-liquid flavors, with each sold in 1.5 ml packs. And these Phix pod e-liquids also contain 50mg of premium nicotine. The Phix vape pod system is also available with different flavor profiles. You can buy this near me via the Hazetown Vape online store for $25.99, which has the best deals for Phix vape pods near me.